Passion for what we do...
Our passion for the ​industrialization of the apple ​began more than 40 years ago. While seeking to give added value to the apple, our founder began to produce apple slices dried in the sun outside his house located in his apple orchard "Los Tascates" where ​Picolargo​ is currently located.  

Continuing the example of work ethic, ​imagination and innovation​ were imposed by​ ​Mr. Lic. Héctor González y González on his businesses.
The foundation that he himself established was that of “A family business focused on following the tradition of producing, processing and marketing healthy, quality products derived from apples and other fruits and vegetables from the region ”. Together with our collaborators in whom we recognize our main strength, our partners, managers, suppliers, fruit growers and the community in general seek to be a socially responsible company. ​

Picolargo is currently a widely recognized company both nationally and internationally thanks to its experience, quality, trust, commitment, flexibility, passion, and technology.
Our slogan ​"Be Natural" ​defines exactly who we are and what our essence is.
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