Experts in Apple dehydration.
The word "​Papigochi​" means "Land of the Long Beaked Bird" in the Tarahumaran language.
The Papigochi river runs through the Valley of the Apples in ​Cd. Guerrero, Chihuahua. Mexico​.
The name of our company arose more than 40 years ago from the love and pride of our land.  

Picolargo is a company located in the largest apple growing region in the country and is specialized in the ​dehydration and processing of apples​.

Our company continuously seeks customer satisfaction through producing healthy, safe, quality, competitive food ​tailor-made for the customer.​
We use state-of-the-art technology continually improving with excellent service.
Everyone who collaborates at Picolargo along with our suppliers have a clear commitment to work every day to be a sustainable company, friendly to the environment and its surroundings.
At Picolargo we are committed to building solid, trustworthy, long-term relationships with our clients, who are our reason for being.  

Picolargo ​is the current national ​leader ​in apple dehydration.
Dehydrating​ apples for Mexico and the World for 40​ years
We provide products for food programs.
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Quality and Safety.
From the orchards to product delivery, our team of experts works carefully to ensure that our products are healthy, safe, high-quality, and that they meet and exceed the requirements of our customers.
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